Sindh College Education Teaching and Academic Plan

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The College Education Department Sindh has achieved another milestone by preparing a detailed Academic Plan for XI and XII classes for all Government Colleges of Sindh that covers the entire syllabus of all the subjects being taught at HSC level in the Govt. Colleges. In the past since there were no set targets regarding completion of syllabus in the stipulated time, most of the teachers failed to achieve their goals, resulting in dismal results of the students of Government colleges.

Mr. Saeed Ghani, Minister for Labour, Information & Archives Department inaugurating the Academic Plan along with Mr. Rafique Ahmed Buriro, Secretary, College Education Department, Dr. Moazzam Haider, D.G Colleges Sindh and other directors.

Academic Plan is a systematic approach towards achieving the goal of completing the syllabus within the stipulated time in an academic year. Thus a tool for monitoring and evaluate performance of teachers and students, as well.

According to the plan the academic session has been divided evenly into 30 weeks that provides detailed framework of specific topics / articles to be covered by teachers of concerned subjects of Science, Commerce, Humanities and Home Economics faculties on weekly basis.

This plan assists faculty members to impart quality education in a systematic and organized way so that they may harmoniously complete the syllabus by considering week wise road map. It will also be accessible to the Principals for examining the progress of the teachers at any time during the academic year. Students themselves can also judge the pace of teaching in each subject they are being taught. Further the officers of the Directorate of Monitoring and Evaluation and their higher ups can keep an eye on the performance of faculty members.

Download Teaching and Academic Plan