1. Legislation, policy formulation and sectoral planning.
  2. College Education including commerce education.
  3. Coordination of schemes for higher studies abroad.
  4. Grant of scholarships.
  5. Promotion of scientific research.
  6. Production and distribution of education and scientific films.
  7. Organization of all public libraries including municipal and other libraries and to keep liaison with universities, colleges and special libraries for improving the standard of research and scholarship and further development of library science.
  8. Copyrights for colleges.
  9. Public Private Partnership.
  10. Improvement of scientific, technology and professional education.
  11. Evaluation of the Performance of Institutions.
  12. Development and Funding of higher education in public and private sector.
  13. Regulation of higher education in public and private sector.
  14. Engineering Works pertaining to Higher Education relating to construction and maintenance of network of colleges, technical education, etc.
  15. Linkages between Institutions and Industry as well as National and International Organization.
  16. Examination and assessment.
  17. Equivalence  and recognition of degrees, diplomas and certificates awarded by Institutions within the country and abroad.
  18. Performance evaluation and guidelines as regards minimum criteria and qualifications for appointment, promotion, salary structure and other terms and conditions of service of faculty.
  19. Endowment Fund for higher education.
  20. Curriculum and syllabus.
  21. Centers of excellence.
  22. Service matters except those entrusted to services, General Administration and Coordination Department.
  23. Data and archiving Center.
  24. Regulating private colleges.
  25. Construction of colleges through Consultants.