The Education & Literacy Department, Government of Sindh vide circular No.SO(HE-III)I-224 (Misc)/2006 issued channel of working, communication/job description for the post of Director General and Regional Directors as under:


  1. Preparation and submission of following cases in respect of Teaching & Non-Teaching staff(BS-16 to BS-20) belonging to all cadres including Librarians and Director Physical Education.
  2. Preparation of Seniority list of BS-16 to BS-21 of Teaching Cadre , Librarian & Director Physical Education.

  3. Preparation of working paper for promotion and Move Over to the post of BS-17 to BS-21.

  4. Deputation cases pertaining to various cadres.

  5. Leave of all kinds including extraordinary Leave & Leave Ex-Pakistan.

  6. Submission of cases for issuance of retirement  notification.

  7. LPR and Pension.

  8. Final payment of G.P Fund including non refundable and temporary advances admissible under rules.

  9. Court Cases.

  10. Conduct inquiry(ies) Probe as & when asked for.

  11. Maintenance of ACR/PER dossiers of all employees of colleges in BPS-16 and above.

  12. Preparation of Budget proposals pertaining to all colleges of Province.

  13. Preparation of new S.N.E proposals.

  14. All matters relating to Public Accounts Committee and Departmental accounts Committee along with preparation of working papers for meetings.

  15. Assembly Business.

  16. Preparation of reports regarding utilization of funds allocated under A.D.P.

  17. Inter Regional transfer for BS-1 to BS-15 employees (at his level).

  18. Maintenance of Human Resources DATA.

  19. Sanctioned strength of various posts.

  20. De-nationalization/Vacation of Educational Institutions.

  21. Shifting of Education Institutions.

  22. Rent cases of Educational Institutions.

  23. Construction /Repairs of Colleges.

  24. Compensation of Land cases.

  25. Seminars.

  26. Workshops.

  27. Change of Name/College name, correction of Date of Birth of students.

  28. Approval of books for college libraries.

  29. Academic Session.

  30. Framing of Admission Policy & Submission for approval of competent authority.

  31. Standard & Maintenance of Quality of College Education.

  32. Review of subjects taught at colleges and adequate teaching arrangement.

  33. Planning & Supervision of extra curricular activities in colleges.

  34. Revamping of libraries.

List of Officers at Director General Colleges Sindh office

Prof. Dr. Abdul Hameed Channar, Professor of Chemistry (BPS-20) Director General (Colleges) Sindh BPS-20 0333-7122170
Mr. Saleh Abbas, Associate Professor of Commerce (BPS-19) Director (Finance) BPS-19 0301-2705034
Mr. Murad Ali Rahimoon, Associate Professor  of Islamic Culture (BPS-19) Director (Inspection) (BPS-19) 0345-1394733
Ms. Bushra Bisma Shah Associate Professor (BPS-19) Director (HR) (BPS-19) 0322-2641493
Mr. Ahmed Ali Jamali, Assistant Professor of Commerce (BPS-18) Deputy Director (General) BPS-18 0308-3308912
Mr. Zahid Rajpar Assistant Professor of Zoology (BPS-18) Deputy Director (Audit ) BPS-18 0301-3892056
Ms. Rashida Parveen, Assistant Professor of Computer Science (BPS-18) Deputy Director (Finance) BPS-18 0335-5033666
Mrs. Bilquees un Nisa, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (BPS-18) Deputy Director (HRM) BPS-18 0333-9245686
Mr. Aftab Ahmed Mahar, Assistant Professor of Political Science (BPS-18) Deputy Director (Inspection) BPS-18 0301-3465658
Ms. Sanobar Gul, Lecturer in Sindhi (BPS-17) Assistant Director (Finance) BPS-17 -
Mr. Abdul Haq Soomro (BPS-17) Assistant Director (HR) BPS-17 0345-3537351
Mr. Mansoor Ali Bhatti, Lecturer in Computer Science (BPS-17) Assistant Director  BPS-17 0308-8827996
Mr. Rashid Ahmed Khoso, Lecturer in Islamic Culture (BPS-17) Assistant Director (Inspection) BPS-17 0315-8778882
Mr. Hussain Farooq, Superintendent (BPS-17) Assistant Director (GEN) BPS-17 0300-9215783

Director General Colleges Sindh has six regional directorates in Sindh. That are Hyderabad, Karachi, Larkano, Mirpurkhas, Shaheed Benazirabad and Sukkur. The regional setup is as shown in the diagram.


Functions of Regional Directorates:

The matters other than reflected in job description of Director General Colleges Sindh, including transfer and posting proposal of BPS-17 and above, and disciplinary proceeding against officer of BS-17 and above etc. may be submitted direct to the department by the Regional Director Colleges.